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Flatware / Clean Sterling (925)
Sterling Jewelry



Platinum Jewelry



"Thank you, thank you! Your offer was very fair. I am recommending you to my friends."

- Harry T.

"I have no idea why people still go to pawn shops with services like this! I`ll always sell gold to Gold Buyers of USA from now on, they paid me twice as much as anyone else..."

- Kelly M. More testimonials »

Gold spot prices Until 1934, an ounce of gold was set at $20.67 by the US Government. Since then, its price has risen significantly, due in part to the decline of the dollar. We have several charts so you can see the recent spot prices of precious metals.... Read more »

How do we test for gold? There are several ways to test whether your jewelry is gold or not. Jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes and metals, and most gold used in jewelry isn't pure; we test for it's purity (karat) as well. There are several methods we use to ensure.... Read more »

Who we are Our team, the Gold Buyers of USA, is committed to quality service and making sure you will be happy with your purchase or sale of jewelry and scrap metal. In our small, local store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we strive to find the best personell to meet your needs.... Read more »

Our signature videos We are committed to pure quality of service. When we receive your package, we make a video of us opening your package, evaluating the contents, and creating an offer. You can be sure that we will never have a dispute about what you placed in your shipment; it is all captured on video... Read more »